Sep. 10th, 2015 10:49 pm
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This is from last year's fall-winter Prada collection photo shoot but, dear God, it's awesome. James McAvoy looks so incredibly hot in this... ♥_♥
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This looks amazing! James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe, Andrew Scott and directed by Paul McGuigan! It has a very Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes vibe and I love it!
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There's been a rumor going around that X-Men: Apocalypse won't be James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender's last X-Men movie: link. IMO, that would be rocking awesome. I know that most people are all about Jean Grey and Storm and Gambit and whatnot and whonot, but I don't give a flying banana about any of these characters. Professor X and Magneto and the endless push and pull of their affection for each other vs their conviction is the only thing that interests me because I find the juxtaposition endlessly fascinating. So, if these two come back, thumbs up from me!
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It looks like everybody who saw James McAvoy's new movie, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, is over the moon about it! According to Deadline:

After a 10-minute standing ovation at its Cannes premiere this week, Harvey Weinstein is going to make a big awards-season push on The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby, and in particular the performances of Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy. Following that thunderous ovation and glowing reviews, Weinstein told his marketing team it has been a long time since he’d seen performances like these, and that they were to start working on the Oscar campaign strategy and go for it.

Awesome! I hope that James gets nominated. I don't hold out hope that he will win - let's be honest, the Academy has been a farce for many years now - but a nomination would look really good next to his name - just like it looks next to Michael Fassbender's!

The 70s!

Dec. 9th, 2013 11:54 pm
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Vulture has learned that after finishing up next summer's X-Men: Days of Future Past, Singer will indeed be behind the camera on the new film, making this the director's first back-to-back foray into the X-Men world since he kicked off the franchise with X-Men (in 2000) and X2 (in 2003). But though Days of Future Past weaves together the veteran X-Men cast (including Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Halle Berry) and the younger actors introduced in X-Men: First Class (James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence), and Apocalypse will be a direct sequel set up in Days of Future Past's closing moments, the new film is intended to focus strictly on the younger McAvoy-Fassbender cast.


First of all: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *dolphin noises* More McAvoy-Fassbender Charles-Erik combo stuff! And second: If Apocalypse happens in the 70s, a thing that did NOT happen in the X1-X3 universe, you know what that means? X1-X3 are NOT set in stone, especially X3! The future will be once more completely open, nothing will be predetermined! How cool is that? \o/
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Isn't this the Comic Con trailer? I remember seeing a few seconds of it online after SDCC13 and it seems to be the same stuff.

But whatever, I can't wait for this. The trailer is very character driven, because, as Bryan Singer said, the CGI is nowhere near done yet. But it seems like the movie is pretty much Charles-Erik-Logan driven - me LIKES! But what a difference between XMFC!Charles and this one, it's heartbreaking...
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This is a beautiful movie and both Christina Ricci and James McAvoy are simply amazing in it. She's so sweet and he... well, he's James McAvoy. I mean, what else can one add? Except for praise for his wonderful accent. Man, the man can do accents like nobody else. And Peter Dinklage! He's simply perfect in this movie. I'm curious about his part as Trask in XM:DOFP. I hope he has some great scenes with James' Professor X!

I think my favorite part of the movie is when Lemon, Peter Dinklage's character, realizes what an asshole Edward is and how much they hurt Penelope. And then, when he realizes that he hurt Johnny AKA Max too. Their scene in the ballroom is amazing: when Johnny admits to Lemon that he loves Penelope but not being a blue-blood, he can't break her curse, so he has to let her go. Wonderful. And the last scene, when Lemon wants to take a picture of Penelope and Johnny secretly and he realizes that he can't, that he just can't do it. Fantastic. Penelope, Johnny/Max and Lemon really carry the movie.

I hated only one thing: the mother. What an obnoxious, superficial hag!

Oh, for some reason, I got curious and went searching for some background info on Simon Woods who played Edward. He hasn't made a movie in years but he was in 2 movies with James McAvoy and in 1 movie with Michael Fassbender. He dated Rosamund Pike and now he's in a happy relationship with a boyfriend who's a sculptor. Nice. Good for you, buddy :)
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The movie was written by Max Landis (Chronicle), and it has been described as a sci-fi take on the original Mary Shelley story, which focuses on themes of friendship and redemption. In a previous interview, Landis revealed that it will be a period piece told from the perspective of the character Igor, and all the interesting misconceptions surrounding the mythology of the story and character. The movie will also explore where Igor came from, and if Victor Frankenstein was actually a doctor or a drop out. (...) Igor is also described as being pathologically dirty and dressed in old clown's clothing.


Please, let it be true. Let Fox and James' people hammer out a contract. I would love to see him and Daniel Radcliffe in a movie together. And in a sorta sci-fi version of Frankenstein to that! James really likes sci-fi takes on established stories, doesn't he?
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First thing first: This GIF is fabulous...


It's from the Comic Con XM:DOFP panel! Gosh, it's giving me warm fuzzies!!!

Second: According to Deadline, Fox cast James McAvoy in the Paul McGuigan directed Frankenstein movie as Victor Von Frankenstein along with Daniel Radcliffe as Igor! \o/

Third: First picture of James and Jessica Chastain in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him and Her:

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Great movie. Fantastic performances all around. Amazing visuals. Very catchy tunes! But the best part? James McAvoy as Max Lewinski and Mark Strong as Jacob Sternwood, hands down.

Gosh, I was so fascinated by their relationship, especially by Sternwood's attitude towards Max. I mean, Max was a cop, determined to catch Sternwood no matter what. Just take the first scene where Max was after Sternwood's crew - they immediately knew it was him, he must have come down really hard on them before the movie even began. And yet, time after time, Sternwood refused to kill Max. Yes, he crippled Max - pretty much inadvertently, though, as proven by the look he gave Max when he caught Max pulling fluids from his knee - but Sternwood only wanted to stop Max, not maim or kill him. And the way he kept saving Max's life. First in the club, then when he frog-marched Max out of the morgue. And then he covered Max during the big shoot-out... Sternwood was really strangely protective of Max, considering. And Max, he knew Sternwood so well, he knew the guy would escape on Iceland, he was after Sternwood like a dog with a bone. And yet... the ending. Gosh, they worked together so well, like a well-oiled machine, they were both always there when the other needed it. Awesome!

Though, I have to wonder. The ending... What happened to Max? I mean, did he have any hard evidence that he just didn't commit multiple homicides? That the cops were corrupt? That he didn't kill Sarah? Or was he simply arrested by his colleague? The cops didn't look all that welcoming when they disarmed him...

Funny thing: Jason Flemyng had a tiny part in this. You know, Azazel from XMFC? And David Morrisey and James McAvoy were together in State of Play already. Tiny world...
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Trailers I saw yesterday at the cinema:

Pain and Gain - whoever thought this was a good idea? O.o Not even Dwayne Johnson could make me want to see this!
Man of Steel - this time they showed the trailer that's narrated by Zod. MUCH better than the previous one with Clark as a kid. This trailer actually made me want to see the film!
RIPD - great special effects but I'm honestly iffy about Ryan Reynolds as the lead. He's cute and sweet but he simply lacks charisma.
The Heat - looks hilarious, though I'm a bit afraid that all the good puns have already been put in the trailer and the rest will be a disappointment. DVD material for me, I think.

DVDs I bought:

Contagion - I love every actor in the cast! That's why I bought it.
Transformers 3 - only because it was on sale and I already own parts 1+2. So...
Welcome to the Punch - GOSHGOSHGOSH! They had WttP with James McAvoy! My friends LOL'd at my reaction when I spotted it!
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LOL! Ouch! I hope he looks better than this in the movie :P

Wow... Just WOW! Something about his body shape really DOES IT for me *_*

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Interesting. He looks much... slimmer here than in XMFC. Don't get me wrong, I adored his looks in XMFC, this is just an observation. It looks like his looks will reflect that his Charles will be "in a dark place" in XMDOFP. Source. Now I want to see what Erik will look like, it's the 70s, after all...
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Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender, who played lovers in Terrence Malick's as of yet untitled movie and should've played lovers in Jane Got a Gun from which Michael had to drop out because of a scheduling conflict with XM:DOFP, will be together in another movie, Macbeth, playing the titular characters. It should be a faithful adaptation of the play, with epic battles and elaborate settings: link.

I bet James McAvoy LOL'd a lot when he found out that Michael would be playing Macbeth too! I mean, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, who play Old!Charles and Old!Erik, were Macbeths too. And now both James and Michael... That's actually pretty funny.


Mar. 23rd, 2013 08:41 pm
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All episodes of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere are now available here: link.

The cast was amazing! Especially Natalie Dormer surprised me, she has such a wonderful voice!

The story itself though, I found it quite... boring? Dragged out? Tedious? It reminded me a lot of Simon R. Green's "Nightside" but "Nightside" is way more interesting. I guess, Neil Gaiman just isn't a writer for me? I like his ideas, the execution less so?
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James McAvoy was asked about X-Men: Days of Future Past and this is what he said:

James McAvoy has praised the X-Men: Days of Future Past script.

"It's great. It's really good and strong," he told I Am Rogue.

"I think fans will love it. I think people who have never seen any of the [previous] X-Men films before are going to be really into it. I think it's satisfying and giving people what they want, while at the same time being challenging and giving them something different, new, and unexpected.

"I can't wait to work with Michael again, [plus] Jennifer and Nick," he said. "It's going to be great, we got along so well the first time around. That'll be fun.

"Then also, getting to team up with Sir Patrick. I don't know if I get to work with Sir Ian [McKellen], but it should be a real exciting time, I think."


Awesome! I know that he wanted a deeper story for Charles, he wanted him to deal with the ramifications of what happened in XMFC, so if he's happy with the script, then I'm happy.

Also, the visual effects team that won an Oscar for Life of Pi will be working on the special effects! How cool is that? Source.
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Part 1 of the audio drama Neverwhere written by Neil Gaiman and starring James McAvoy as Richard is now available here: link. Lovely stuff. I will have to listen to it again to catch everything, though.
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Speaking with Shortlist, actor James McAvoy talks more about his return as Professor Charles Xavier in next year's X-Men: Days Of Future Past. He reveals that the character will be very different from when we last saw him in 2011's First Class, and that the Bryan Singer-directed "inbetweenquel" will see Xavier face a 'dark journey'. "I think it’s going to be quite a dark journey compared to the caddish, almost playboy character that we turned him into in the first movie. I think it will be going through a darker place to ultimately get a sorted Professor X that we’re used to seeing come the third movie. This movie might be a little bit more of a passing through the crucible for him."


Oooooooooooh, can't wait for that!
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I won't lie, I bought Gnomeo & Juliet on DVD for one reason only: James McAvoy! He voiced Gnomeo and it was so incredibly cute! And I just love reading about the movie, about what a success it was and how it surprised everybody, this tiny movie, considered B-rated at best, that cost only $35 mil. to make and earned almost $200 mil. worldwide! Lovely!

The funniest parts were Shroom - I really want a Shroom of my own, it was such a lovable bit! - and Nanette. Gosh, Nanette was hilarious, I just loved her. Also, Ashley Jensen who voiced her was then later on with James McAvoy in Arthur Christmas!

But there was also a moment where I had literally tears in my eyes - when Featherstone was telling Gnomeo and Juliet about how he lost the love of his life because their humans split. That was so incredibly sad and it came totally out of left field ;_;

And the geekiest moment! Sir Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy having a scene together as Shakespeare and Gnomeo respectively. Both Charleses in one scene together! I almost clapped my hands with delight :)
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So, rumor has it that Relativity would like to see James McAvoy as Eric Draven in The Crow reboot: link. This site has posted many The Crow related rumors before that proved true in the end, so...

That would be awesome, to be honest. Yes, James isn't exactly the "Brandon Lee" type but maybe they want to cast someone completely different, based only on his acting skills? I would love to see James in that part. Can you imagine what he could DO with it?!

Though physically, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt would fit the role better, he is more of the "lean and dark" type. And he knows how to play guitar and sing... But I don't think he would do it even if they offered the part to him, see his no to the GotG lead part.

Oh, speaking about JGL - I don't think I'll be getting Looper on DVD. I can't wait to buy Premium Rush, that was such a fun movie, but Looper? It was enough for me to see it once. I might buy it once the price drops but... It was too dreary. I prefer fun movies!


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