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You know, I don't care what anyone says, I loved this movie. I love most movies with Tom Cruise, I think that he's a great actor and I appreciate just how invested he is in everything he does. It's amazing. And this film...

The special effects, the story with all its twists and turns, the soundtrack, simply fantastic. I don't understand why it flopped. I loved that it kept me as a viewer on my toes, that the story was always changing, that whenever I thought I had the story figured out, it went sideways and it completely changed the field. And when you realize that there were only a handful of actors in it who had to carry the story... Fantastic! More films like this one, please :)
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I re-watched this movie on DVD because I planned on going to see part 2 in the cinema. In the end, I didn't make it, to the theater, I mean, and I missed the movie. Oh well, there will still be the DVD, right?

This is one of the most violent movies I've ever seen. As a friend of mine would say, for all the bodies, there's nowhere to spit. But Keanu Reeves is amazing in it. And I recognized several actors from Matrix in it, too! I really liked the way it was filmed, so much action, not much talking, right up my alley. W00t!
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I decided to do a challenge: I'll try and watch 50 movies on DVD this year. I really need to make a dent into the piles and piles and PILES of DVDs that I own and still haven't seen yet. And when I make it a challenge, my anal retentive tendencies won't allow me not to meet my goal. So...

Vampire Academy. I read the first book in the series by Richelle Mead but I bought the DVD solely for Dom Sherwood who plays Christian Ozera - his RL girlfriend, Sarah Hyland, is in the movie, too, playing Natalie. The movie itself is... passable at best. Still, it's better than Beautiful Creatures which I didn't even finish! But yeah, if Dom wasn't in it, I wouldn't have bought the thing. But seeing him as Christian, it really made me want to finish the book series. And the movie made me a huge Christian/Lissa shipper, too. I know that fans mostly like Rose/Dimitri or Rose/Lissa, but for me, it's Christian/Lissa. There's just something about her being a queen and him her consort... ♥_♥
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I decided to make a bit of a dent into my piles of DVDs once more - at least a tiny one - and so I watched Godzilla. Well, the special effects were great, and some scenes were downright epic - like the jump from the plane - but overall? Eh. I cared more about Godzilla than about any of the human heroes, except for the Japanese doctor and that colleague of his. The rest? This movie just didn't manage to build them up properly. In that way, it reminded me of 2012 and Battleship. It just felt... empty.
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I think this movie is called different names in different countries? I saw both titles used. Strange. But it's a funny movie. I liked both Judy and Nick, that they weren't perfect and yet they turned out to be best friends. And I felt so sorry for them as kids, especially for Nick. My favorite part was the scene where Judy threatened to arrest Nick and followed him through the streets, that was adorable.

Though, honestly, I wouldn't exactly say that this was a movie for all kids ages, what with there being murder threats and whatnot. But I guess the kids of today are pretty much desensitized to that?
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While [livejournal.com profile] yami_tai and her husband were here last weekend, we watched Maze Runner and Maze Runner: the Scorch Trials together. And now that I've seen both in a quick succession, I have to say that I enjoy the second movie much better. I think it's because Thomas becomes more of a leader in it, he's decisive and determined, and even though he doesn't have all the answers, he never gives up. I loved, LOVED the scene where it was revealed what he had done, why he was put into the maze. That was awesome, the way everybody stared at him...

It's too bad that Dylan O'Brien was hurt filming the 3rd movie and the whole thing had to be postponed till 2018! I'm so curious how it will continue because they basically threw the books out of the window and are doing their own thing. And I liked the movies much more than the books, especially Thomas' character, because Book!Thomas was a whiny n00b.
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I finally got a new monitor - the old one was flickering like crazy, so much so that my eyes hurt from it! - so I could start watching movies on my computer again! And the first one was the old Independence Day.

You know, it's still a mystery to me how the people who made the first movie which is really great and I don't even mind all the American chest-thumping all that much, could make such a terrible sequel. The sequel was all shiny stuff and little substance. I'm not saying the first movie was Shakespeare, but I really cared about the characters. The Goldblum-Smith combo was absolutely hilarious. It's too bad that none of that was reflected in the follow-up. Oh well...
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So many stars in this one: Dennis Quaid, Sigourney Weaver, Forest Whitaker, Edgar Ramirez, Zoe Saldana... etc. and so on. And it had a very interesting premise, too: the US president is shot and a bomb explodes in a square, and the movie captures the 23 minutes before and after the event from the POV of various people caught in it, like the bodyguards, the president himself, the reporters, the bad guys, a random American tourist... It was really good. Also, unlike the car chase in Jason Bourne, this one felt really thrilling because you weren't sure who would make it out alive. A good one!
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The Bourne Ultimatum: Hey, that was Edgar Ramirez! I didn't realize that he was in it. Interesting. I think nothing beats Bourne #2 and Karl Urban as the bad guy Kirill. At least IMHO. He had such an incredible presence. In this movie, the bad guys kinda... lacked. At least the one "on site", so to speak, the fighters, there was none that I thought might actually beat Bourne. I loved Nikki and Pamela Landy here, those two were awesome!

The Bourne Legacy: Oh, oh, oh, Oscar Isaac! I didn't know he was in this, never realized it! Aaron and Martha are my OTP in this series of movies. For that reason, I'm glad that the continuation is not about them, I hope they are not even mentioned, I don't want to hear that they were killed or that Martha died or something. I'm glad that they got their happy ending and lived happily ever after. Because they worked together so incredibly well, as a real team, not just as the Super Agent and the Tag-Along. Amazing, those two. But I felt sorry for Pamela Landy :(

And I'm all set up to go and see Jason Bourne tomorrow. Nice! I made it!
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I liked this movie much better than the first one. I don't know why. Maybe because the plot was much more intriguing, I loved all the spy stuff, how everything was connected. And Pamela Landy was a much better adversary, she had incredible presence and smarts! I loved seeing Nikki again, but I wasn't really sad when Marie kicked it, Bourne is much more... intense on his own. And Karl Urban as Kirill! Yowza! Now there was a bad guy! Also, his boss? Played by Karel Roden, one of the most famous CZECH actors! Yes, my countryman! How awesome is that? Oh, and my favorite part? The final car chase in Moscow; the music, the way it was getting more and more intense by the second, building up and up and up! Incredible!
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I want to go and see the new Bourne movie this weekend, so I pulled out my trusted DVDs and decided to re-watch all the Bourne movies so far.

This movie is a bit dated today, but still really good. I especially love the fight scenes where Bourne kicks people's behinds! I very much prefer Bourne over Bond. What I don't like about this movie is Marie. Don't get me wrong, I understand her reactions and her POV, that's not it. She's just such an... obvious love interest. Which is one of the reasons why I prefer the following movies in this series, when it's just Bourne discovering stuff, all the threads coming together, all the black ops revealed. Excellent!
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I bought this on DVD oh so long ago but it wasn't until today that I actually watched it. It's a movie from Danny Boyle, so it's a visual masterpiece, and it features stars like Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Hiroyuki Sanada or Michele Yeoh.

It's a sci-fi about a ship that set out from earth to drop a bomb into the sun to restart it again. Uh, don't question the logic. It's just really, really scary. They all die. That's not really a spoiler, it's pretty obvious from the get-go, once you find out that this is already the second ship trying to deliver the bomb because the first one failed. So, it's mostly about HOW they all kick it and if they succeed blowing the thing up.

Christ on a tortilla it's scary. For some reason, people tend to hate on this movie. I have no idea why, it's pretty good. And scary. Did I mention scary?
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Watching this was a bittersweet experience because it featured Anton Yelchin who passed away just a few days ago. It feels unreal that he's dead. I still haven't seen the latest Star Trek with him yet...

This movie was weird. Like really weird. I haven't read the books, so I don't know how close or not close it followed their tone, but even my mom who actually did read the books thought it was a weird film. What I loved was how everybody liked Thomas so much, the captain and his wife (?), Thomas' girlfriend Stormy, all the other people in the shop... Yes, they found him odd but they still liked him a lot. I especially loved Thomas' relationship with the police captain who was like a father to him, that was lovely.

And now I really need to read the books. I bought all of them for my mom and she loved them, so...
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A pretty good movie. One huge massacre, basically. And with so many famous actors. And also with people who were with Keanu Reeves in Matrix already! I hear that in the sequel, Laurence Fishburn is joining Keanu Reeves for yet another Matrix reunion. Happy about that.

And what the movie is about? Some Russian mobster punk steals John Wick's car and kills his puppy just a few days after Wick's wife dies. It goes downhill from there. I mean, see this dialog (paraphrasing):

Russian mobster: I hear you hit my son.
Mobster's henchman: Yes, sir, I did.
Russian mobster: May I ask why?
Mobster's henchman: He stole John Wick's car.
Russian mobster: Oh.

Yup, that's basically the movie :)
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When the Game Stands Tall: Yes, I immediately ordered the film on DVD and then watched it with the director's commentary. Did you know that the De La Salle vs. Bellevue game shown in this movie was named the greatest high school football game ever played? It was televised by ESPN and Fox News and 15k fans filled the stadium! Christ on a cracker!

And the movie also made me fall in love with this song: Sail by AWOLNATION:

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters: What a bonkers movie! I loved it in the cinema and I still like it on DVD. I loved that they made Gretel a white witch and gave Hansel diabetes, that they gave them both a weakness. And I loved their love for each other. Amazing. I also love that the movie is so unapologetic in its killing of witches, that's not so common in today's over the top PC culture anymore.

Also, I hope that the TV show they announced based on this movie actually gets made. I would love to see this setting explored, it felt very steam-punk, especially their weapons.
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Hitman: Agent 47: Eh. A good idea, sure, and Katja was amazing. But! I don't know how, but they managed to make even the action scenes boring. There was no sense of suspense. And Zachary Quinto was painfully bad here. I'm not a huge fan of his but he's usually really good. Huh. Anyways, I missed this in the cinema and now I'm glad, I would've been disappointed.

Transporter: Refueled: For me, this movie stands and falls with Ed Skrein and Ray Stevenson as Frank Martin Jr. and Sr., respectively. It showed that they had a blast with their parts. Their cheekiness was hilarious and their chemistry amazing. I'm not saying that this is the movie of the year or something, but it's definitely more enjoyable that H:A47!
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Yesterday, I watched the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. It was pretty much eh, 5/10 at best. But there was one thing that I noticed: Leonardo is the resident Turtle in Distress (TM).

I mean, the movie featured the usual stuff: idiot Mikey, nerdy Donnie, and Raffie and Leo butting heads, as always. But the thing is, Leonardo, who's the leader and the most level-headed turtle, always ends up being the brother the others have to rescue. It was so in TMNT (2007) and here too. In the previous movie, Leonardo was kidnapped because of something that Rafael did - here, he was rendered unconscious after they escaped from captivity and the others had to jump to his rescue and protect him. For a leader, he tends to end up being the one who needs rescuing quite often...
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This is a really sweet movie but it's not my Marvel favorite, that honor belongs to Captain America: Winter Soldier. I love the characters in this, especially Star-Lord, Rocket and Groot, I'm intrigued by Star-Lord's origins - and I hope that in one of the future movies, he finds his way home and meets his grandfather! - and fascinated by Rocket and Groot's friendship - I would love to know how they met! - but the movie as a whole, though well made, doesn't get my heard pumping with thrill and excitement. There are scenes that make me LOL like a nut - mostly because of Rocket and Groot's antics - but I think overall it lacks the tight action of CA:WS. Best part? Dancing Baby Groot, hands down! \o/
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Pretty much in the vein of St Valentine's Day, an anthology of stories, all happening at once. So many stars! Wow, just so many! And just like Bradley Cooper's story was the red string woven into St Valentine's Day and it wasn't resolved until the very end of the movie, in New Year's Eve, it was Josh Duhamel's story, the story of Sam who was looking for the woman he had met on New Year's Eve the year before, that was the last one resolved... and the reveal, who the woman actually was, was so surprising! I just loved it because it pushed one of my buttons - older woman/younger man.

Also, the blooper reel running during the after credits was hilarious! I especially loved the bit with Josh Duhamel and Hilary Swank - who played a couple in another movie! - because they really wanted to have a kissing scene in this movie, so they filmed one and added it to the blooper reel. Aww...
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This movie isn't anything special. It has A LOT of star power - Josh Duhamel, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis, Vincent D'Onofrio, Vinnie Jones... - but the script is average at best. One thing the film does right - and why it's worth seeing - are the relationships.

Josh Duhamel once again plays a character whom everybody likes, a firefighter named Jeremy, and it's really wonderful. Jeremy's relationship with Talia (Rosario Dawson) and with Lt. Cella (Bruce Willis), with the guys at the station... I love how EVERYBODY is so protective of him, they just want to keep him safe. My favorite scenes were the ones with Talia - when she taught Jeremy how to shoot and when she came to take him away from Long Beach after he started killing Hagan's men - and with Cella - I loved that Cella saw Jeremy as a "boy" whom he wanted to protect at any cost.

The thing is, Jeremy was killing people but it was literally destroying him, it was tearing him apart. The scene in the shower, where he tried to wash off the blood and just fell apart... Josh Duhamel was amazing in it. I loved that Talia saw, that she noticed what it was doing to him and she knew she had to get him out or he would end up in jail or dead.

So yeah, the story was only so-so, but there were scenes that I adored and watched several times in a row. Also, James Lesure is in it - he was with Josh Duhamel in Las Vegas! I bet they had a blast together again! (In the audio commentary to LV, Josh talked about how much he admired and loved working with James!).


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