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2017-06-18 02:48 pm

Cinema: Wonder Woman

Last weekend, I went to see Wonder Woman. It was a very good movie, but I honestly didn't see it as some ground breaking masterpiece - which I didn't dare to say on Tumblr because they would've ripped my head off. It was a very good, very well filmed movie and Gal Gadot and Chris Pine had amazing chemistry, I ship Wondertrev like whoa. BTW, I have to buy the novelization because that part's even more heartbreaking there! Apparently, Chris Pine signed a multiple movie deal, so I'm curious what they'll do with his character in the future.
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2017-06-01 11:44 pm

Cinema: Pirates of the Caribbean 5

This was everything I've wanted - and didn't get - from movie #4! Personally, I don't care much about Jack, he's the comic relief and nothing more for me. I'm all about the Turner family, Will and Elizabeth - and now Henry. I hated movie #4, but this one had so much heart because we got to see the Turners once again. And the movie itself was hilarious. Hilarity pure. The cinema was in stitches. I can't remember the last time I've laughed so hard! I can't wait to get it on DVD!
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2017-05-21 12:07 am

Movies on DVD 24/50: Assassin's Creed

I honestly don't know why people don't like this movie. The cinematography is positively stunning, the music and sound mixing too. Michael Fassbender is just breathtaking as both Aguilar and Cal, and his chemistry with Marion Cotillard blows your mind. And the fights! The fights! Simply incredible. I saw it in the cinema and I immediately bought it on DVD once it was out. And I love to listen to the OST with my headphones on because the incredible thump-thump-thump of the basses makes your bones downright vibrate. Just awesome!
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2017-05-14 07:46 pm

Cinema! Cinema!

Fast & Furious 8: I liked the movie a lot, despite the fact that Paul Walker wasn't in it - ;_; - but this time not because of Dom and his crew, but because of Hobbs and Shaw, the whole Shaw family - Helen Mirren was a hoot! - and Mr Nobody and Little Nobody. I would be actually more interested in a Hobbs & Shaw spin-off than in another FF movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: I hope that this is not it for Peter's special powers. Because they made him actually interesting - as in interesting on par with Cpt. America or Thor! - and not just a regular guy. I loved the Gamora and Nebula stuff. Raccoon and the "twig" XD And Sylvester Stallone's cameo! I loved that. Definitely better than movie #1.
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2017-05-04 11:43 am
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Movies on DVD 23/50: World War Z

Brad Pitt isn't aging well, is he? I mean, he's barely fifty but he looked really old in this movie. Kinda surprised me, is all.

The movie itself was pretty nerve-racking. I can't watch TV shows about zombies, but movies? Those I can deal with easily. Why? Because I get the solution to the "zombie issue" within two hours or so without it being dragged out endlessly. What scared the crap out of me was how fast the zombies were in this film. Usually, they just stumble and crawl, but here they were as fast as in the second Maze Runner movie. Infectious and fast? Scary! O.O
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2017-05-02 06:36 pm
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Movies on DVD 22/50: The Source Code

A sci-fi movie staring Jake Gyllenhaal. It's not. I'm not sure if I'll re-watch it any time soon, true, but it's not bad. Gyllenhaal stars as a pilot who's used in an experiment where the main goal is to stop a dirty bomb from going off. I liked his character and then Cpt. Goodwin, the woman who helped him achieve his goal, but the other characters were either annoying or unremarkable, to be honest. Also, the film felt very cheaply made, there were like 2 standing sets and three places where they shot outside and that was it. Not really minus points, just something you kinda notice, you know, especially in a movie featuring a star as big as Jake Gyllenhaal.
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2017-04-28 12:27 am

Movies on DVD 21/50: Take Down

I bought this movie solely for Dominic Sherwood - see my icon. And he's awesome in it. It's a story of a group of spoiled rich brats who are sent to a survival camp as a punishment for their transgressions. They become tight friends and everything's going perfectly - and then the island is attacked by mercenaries who take the kids hostage. And the kids get angry and start fighting back using everything they learned from their instructors, they don't even shy away from killing the mercs because they were taught to do anything to survive. This movie's also called Billionaire Ransom in some places. And it's actually pretty good! I'm glad I bought it :)
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2017-04-23 12:15 pm

Movies on DVD 20/50: Sherlock Holmes

I was reading a Sherlock Holmes pastiche and I suddenly felt like re-watching this film. Gosh, I love the chemistry between RDJ and Jude Law so very, very much. You can sense just how much they enjoyed working together, what a blast they had. The more I watch this movie, the more I like it, actually. It just makes me feel... good. And then there's the amazing OST by Hans Zimmer, of course, that I often listen to while working. Everything about this film simply speaks to me!
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2017-04-19 12:50 am

Fic Rec: Shadowhunters

"softly spoken magic spells" by mia_zeklos | parabatai | "Jocelyn had mentioned how ancient the tracking method’s supposed to be – old enough to be less precise than anything they use today, but it still doesn’t prepare him for how violent it is; how quickly it pulls him under before he gets the chance to stop it." | ~2.000 words
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2017-04-18 10:49 pm

American Assassin Trailer

Holy smokes! Dylan O'Brien is so amazing! Just the trailer made my heart race like crazy!
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2017-04-14 10:22 am
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2017-04-12 12:08 pm
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RL Issues

My mom's 70 today. And we ended up having a row in the middle of a supermarket. Because I forgot that we had guests coming on Saturday. That's it. I simply forgot. I was so focused on getting everything we usually buy when we go shopping, that I forgot. And she literally told me, "You congratulated me this morning, yes, but you don't want me to have a nice party, one in 70 years!" And I just... stared at her. Because apparently, I was "looking at her wrong" when she told me a few days ago that she wanted to make refreshments - all I did was suggest we should maybe make canapés and not anything big since people will be coming in the afternoon, after lunch, so they won't be hungry anymore! - and that I didn't want her to bake anything, I wanted her to give her guests some cheap roulade - all I did was tell her that there was no need to bake a roulade since there was one at home already, if she wanted a B-day cake, I would drive her to the shop and we could get some really nice one - and she kept throwing that in my face in the middle of the supermarket. And I just... stared at her. And then I swallowed my anger - it's her B-day, for cryin' out loud! - and I told her that we could still get everything necessary for the canapés since we were still in the shop. And she snapped at me that no, now she didn't want it anymore, and she stomped off. And since then, she's been giving me the silent treatment, for hours now. Whatever I ask her, it's always "No!" and "I don't care!" And I'm just...

My head hurts and I'm tired of this shit. I got her a coughing sirup because she has a cold. I got her a B-day present I saw her admire for a long time but she never got it for herself. I got her books and I downloaded TV shows for her to watch. I got us a new bin because the old one was too heavy for her and I paid for a new roof. I repaired the door handle that broke off in her hand and I repaired the spigot that stopped working on her... and apparently, it's still not enough because I don't want her to have nice things. I'm tired of maintaining peace.

For cryin' out loud! I simply forgot! That's all!
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2017-04-09 11:55 pm

Movies on DVD 19/50: White House Down

Well. They obviously couldn't decide if they wanted to be a comedy or if they wanted to be taken seriously. As I see it, this was a lame attempt at making Obama an action hero. The chest-thumping American heroism was layered so thick sometimes that it was rather cringe-worthy. I get why it flopped in the theaters. And how could it have cost 170+ mil. to make? Jesus! Olympus Has Fallen, another movie with the same theme, was definitely better and it deserved to win the theater crown in this unspoken battle of White Houses.

I think the best part of the film was the tour guide: "Stop hurting my White House!" LOL.
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2017-04-07 12:30 am
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Movies on DVD 18/50: Mulan

Yeah, it's a Disney movie for kids but I had a blast catching all the adult jokes that tend to totally fly over the kids' heads. And the love story between Mulan and Shang is really great, too. As someone on Tumblr pointed out, Shang fell for Mulan while he still thought that Mulan was a guy, and that's just precious! And then there're the bits that have since then become iconic, like Mushu's "Shame on you..." speech, ha! A really good movie.
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2017-04-06 11:59 am

Fic Rec: Shadowhunters

"Thirteen" by HollowIsTheWorld | Parabatai | Thirteen was a rough year for Alec Lightwood, but it wasn't all bad. | 2700 words

Alec tried not to hate Jace for it. It wasn’t Jace’s fault he was such a good Shadowhunter. It wasn’t Jace’s fault that Alec wasn’t. It wasn’t Jace’s fault that Izzy looked up to him, tried to copy his every move in training. It wasn’t Jace’s fault that Maryse and Robert seemed to like their new son more than their old one.
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2017-04-05 11:52 pm

Primary Blog

This will be from now on my primary blog. I won't be posting to LJ anymore and in the next few days, I'll be deleting my blog over there. It really does feel like the end of an era. Oh well... some things end, others begin...
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2017-04-04 10:39 pm

Movies on DVD 17/50: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

I liked the first three MI movies but it wasn't until Jeremy Renner's William Brandt came on board that I started to really love them. Which is why it was such a blow to find out that he won't be in the upcoming movie because it clashes with Renner's Avengers filming schedule. Darn it!

This film is such an awesome feel!good movie. Unlike Bond or Bourne, these movies are about the team. Sure, Ethan Hunt is the main hero but he, Benji, Brandt... they're all a team! And that's so wonderful about it. And then there's the amazing Ilsa Faust, of course. And Ilsa's rocking awesome! Her fighting skills, her smarts, but also her vulnerability - she isn't a hardened person - all that put together makes for an incredibly compelling heroine. Wonderful.
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2017-03-31 10:19 am
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Movies on DVD 16/50: Clash of the Titans

The remake. It wasn't a bad story per se and the special effects were amazing, but... I just didn't like this film's Perseus. And I don't know if it was because of how he in particular was written or if it was because of Sam Worthington who just kinda sorta rubs me wrong? I don't know why but his Perseus just... grated. On the other hand, I loved Mads Mikkelsen - Mads Mikkelsen's the highlight of every movie, after all! - and it was great to see Nicholas Hoult and Jason Flemyng in a movie together - later on, they starred in X-Men: First Class together! And then there was Liam Neeson, of course. So, overall? A passable movie, but nothing special. I don't think it really warranted a sequel, though.
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2017-03-30 10:41 pm
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Movies on DVD 15/50: Erin Brockovich

After the Robocop disaster, I needed to clean my palate, so I chose a movie I liked, Erin Brockovich. I'm not a huge fan of Julia Roberts, but this is my favorite movie of hers. The little man challenges a huge corporation and wins. The girl gets the guy. The girl with no job makes a big career. What's there not to like? I loved Erin's determination, her desire to help these people, not because of the money she could get out of it, but because of what they could get out of it. It was really inspiring and lovely. And the fact that it was based on a true story made it even better!
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2017-03-29 07:34 pm
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Movies on DVD 14/50: Robocop

The remake, not the original. The original is a bloody, R-rated fun. This movie is... tedious, boring and it completely misses the mark. No wonder it was such a flop in the cinema. TPTB turned it into some human drama about family and man vs. machine and whatnot, and there was a lot of politicking and scheming... uh.

And Murphy. Remember Peter Weller's amazing acting, his robotic movements? You actually believed that he was a machine. Joel Kinnaman was... not as good. Actually, he was really lame here. At no point did I feel like his Murphy was a robot. Not even remotely. He simply looked like a guy in a black robotic suit. He lacked Weller's physicality.

I don't mind remakes. But here, I do have to ask: WHY?