Mar. 17th, 2017

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Man, I can't believe that this movie's already 20 years old. I remember seeing it in the cinema! The story didn't hold up much through the years, but I still love the intensity between John Travolta's Deaks and Christian Slater's Hale. Those scenes where they play off each other are amazing. And then there's the music, of course. Hans Zimmer's music. Especially the main theme just... wow. For 20 years I've remembered the melody, it's so good!
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Pierce Brosnan playing the lead, Peter Devereaux. But I didn't get this movie for him but for Luke Bracey who played the second lead, David Mason. It's about CIA agents and stuff like that, but honestly, I was mostly interested in Peter's mentor relationship with David. Nobody was actually a really good guy in this film, there were only bad guys and not so bad guys, but Peter and David, their relationship was definitely something, so intense. I mean, Peter had so many chances to kill David! And he didn't do it! I love friendships like that. Good movie.


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